Thursday, November 27, 2008

Create Your Own Wealth Online

What do you think about when you hear the word wealth?

Everybody's definition of wealth would surprise you if you heard it. What means alot to me or you is not necessarily the same for somebody else. That is why it is important to establish what wealth means to you and what defines success in your life. So even before you read on I want you to think about what wealth means to you. Picture yourself feeling wealthy and happy hold on to that picture for the rest of the article.

Now that you have a clear picture of what wealth means to you I want to give you a few things to add to your image. Is your wealth defined by how rich or financially free you are? Do you see yourself in a big house and a flashy car? Are you married with kids, is your family your wealth? Are you happy when you see yourself living wealthy? Anything that you are thinking about right now cannot be wrong and I want you to understand that whatever you care about and see as wealth is awesome, it will always be right just because you want it. Hold on to that image of you living wealthy and work towards it and if you stay diligent to trying to achieve success you will succeed in life.

Learn How To Create Your Own Wealth Online

I made a decision one day that I was going to be wealthy and successful in life no matter what. Not very long after I made that decision I came across an opportunity which has changed my life, Success University. Success University is the #1 Personal Development company in the world, they offer an education of a lifetime, not traditional education but education through success principles. 50+ authors, experts and entrepreneurs in their field came together on a mission to transform the world through success education. Success University teaches you how to create wealth in your life through building a foundation of success. Take online courses through video, audio lessons and text lessons in a variety of subject matters, from sales and marketing, internet marketing, finance, real estate, health and fitness, even parenting and multilingual courses. The knowledge and wisdom at your finger tips is priceless with Success University.

"Learning is the foundation for all success, it is where true success begins." - Matt Morris

Matt Morris is the founder and CEO of Success University. Matt Morris is 31 years old and owns his own multi-million dollar company . Just ten years ago when he was 21 years old he had already failed in 3 business ventures and found himself homeless and living out of a car. He made a decision to educate himself in personal development and by age 24 he was earning a six figure income in the network marketing industry and living a dream lifestyle. Two years later he became the CEO of a multi-million dollar internet marketing company. About two years later at the age 29, Matt Morris was a millionaire. He made a decision that changed his life, to educate himself in personal development and he never turned back, he went from homeless to success. Matt Morris is a leader is the personal development industry and with Success University he has been able to change lives and help others create wealth. See Matt Morris on FOX news on the page below and find out why Success University is one of the best network marketing opportunities period.

Success University is One of the Best Network Marketing Opportunities

"The decisions you make today will determine where you will be three to five years from now." - Matt Morris

Matt Morris made a decision that led him to success and I made a decision that has me steady on the path to success. I am not yet a millionaire but I aim to become one, in fact I aim to build my family a billion dollar empire that will change the world. I dream big and I also know that its better to think big and fall short than to never dream and stay stagnant with no growth. The decision to chase success, to create wealth, to attain financial freedom is a choice everyone can make but are you ready to become accountable for you? Are you ready to become your own master? I was ready to become my own master and I found Success University and it changed my life. I run my own business, educate myself in success and share my knowledge and wealth with people daily. Sharing the wealth within Success University I build a residual income that will continue to grow every single month.

Find out more information about how Success University can change your life. I teach my team with Success University how to create wealth online daily and watch their bank account rise monthly. If Success University sounds like a fit for you, I urge you to take advantage of this today because I guarantee you Success University can teach anybody how to be successful in life, no matter what field.

Success University Video
: Watch this video and see how Success University can really change your life today!

Success University Newsletter: Get FREE access to Success University's Newsletter ($79 Value) and Napoleon Hill's 'Think and Grow Rich!' ebook ($18 Value).

To Your Success,

- Alexander Day
Learn more internet marketing success secrets and find out how you can build a residual income online.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Utilize Business Social Networking To Market Your Business Online

In this day and age social networks are the big thing and social network creators are making so much money but small business owners can take advantage of social networks to build awareness of their business opportunity. Essentially social networks give you the opportunity to network with people interested in similar things and build a relationship with these people through the internet. With this said it is obvious how social networks can blast your internet marketing campaign into overdrive.

So what should be said about business social networks? This would be something amazing imagine a business social network where you can advertise your business, run your own forum, have your own blog and literally control your own network of people. That business social network is no longer just an imagination but it is now a reality and people are networking as we speak and making money online. You can customize your profile just like MySpace or a Facebook but this time it will be your business profile and you will generate business contacts from all around the world. Imagine how powerful this is?

Well I am apart of a few business social network which can of course help build the awareness of your business today. I personally use three business social networks daily; DirectMatches, AdLandPro and Business4ProfitSystem. I run networks, generate leads/contacts, run forums and advertise my business opportunities everyday on all three of them and I see tremendous results.

: DirectMatches is the most powerful business social networking tool I have come across online. For that reason it does cost money but you also have the opportunity to build a residual income aswell. You can blog, run networks, manage forums, use free classifieds and network with like-minded individuals and really share your business opportunity with its members.

AdLandPro: Now AdLandPro is a unique utility on its own because you can also submit your website to search engines, take advantage of free advertising utilities, aswell as run a forum and your own network. You have an entire online suite of tools you can use to market your business online.

Business4ProfitSystem: This system really gives you another opportunity to network with like-minded individuals aswell. Its all about business and thats important to know that nobody is there to focus on anything else but business and you can build some really great business contacts. You get access to a weekly planner, free classifieds, blog, forums and much more. Take advantage of Business4ProfitSystem today.

I use these networks to build hundreds of new contacts every single week. Its an amazing utility to network and build solid business contacts.

To Your Success,

- Alexander Day
Learn more internet marketing success secrets that can build your online presence. Also take advantage of my free internet marketing tutorial today.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Search Engine Optimization Tips

The Internet was once widely referred to as "The Information Super-Highway" and to this day that is what it still is in essence. Yes it is also the greatest marketing utility on the planet but that is only because of its ability to get information that people are looking for in front of their faces. So how do you find information online? Most people are going to go to a search engine. Its a simple process and most people just do it naturally. So if you had a website and you wanted to market it, where would be the best place to market your website online? The search engines, naturally.

Today I want to talk about search engine marketing, more specifically search engine optimization. Many people dont refer to search engine optimization as search engine marketing but I think anything that gets you listed in search engines is search engine marketing. Therefore search engine optimization is definitely classified as search engine marketing. With that understanding we can move on to the fact that there is two ways to market your website within search engines either through paid inclusion (usually Pay-Per-Click) or organic inclusion. Today I am only going to speak about getting your website organically included in search engines through search engine optimization.

So we are going to start off by focusing on what the search engines find important on your website. There are two factors which search engines take into consideration: on-site optimization and off-site optimization (link popularity). On-site optimization refers to your title's, descriptions and keywords within all your content. Off-site optimization refers to your link popularity and this is one of the most important things in your search engine optimization campaign.

My top two methods of building your link popularity are forum marketing and article marketing. Those two methods are definitely two great ways to build backlinks to your website. Backlinks from other relevant websites are how search engines know that your website is relevant and important to that relative niche. So of course you want to get as many backlinks as possible and from websites that relate to your website as well, especially the ones with a high Google Page Rank.

If you want to learn 5 advanced search engine optimization tips then read this article: Advanced Search Engine Marketing Tips

Take advantage of these search engine marketing tools:

Search Marketing Lab: Hire you own personal search engine marketing expert to guide you on what you need to do to get your website listed within the top ten in Google and other major search engines.

SEO Elite: If you want to rank #1 in the major search engines then you need this utility. Find out all information about why your competition rank the way the rank, find out who is the linking to them and which authority pages are linking to them.

Keyword Elite: If you are running a Pay-Per-Click campaign this is the tool you need to find the best keywords to use in order to get the most cost effective keywords.

To Your Success,

- Alexander Day
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Make Money Online Today!

Many people want to make money online but they don't apply real business principles to their online business and then they fail and wonder why. Lets talk about some simple business principles that are a must if you plan to make money online.

Make Money Online With Profit Management

You are in business to make profits and that's it, there is no other reason to be in business. So you need to know how to manage your profits and first and for most you need to know how you are going to make profits from your business in the first place. Any business you decide to enter you need a business plan that explains/projects how you are going to make profits.

With online marketing I take it one step further which is also something you do with an offline business but its easier with internet marketing. Every affiliate or online business I join that I am paying for I ensure that I offset whatever I am paying for by making a profit from that affiliation. Usually any affiliate program is willing to pay you for referring people to the program, so I just refer enough people until I am making a profit from the program. In doing this I ensure that all money coming in after that is profits and that gives me the leverage of doing some other key things with internet marketing.

I always follow a system and that system for me is my own personal system and everybody has a system its just a matter of how effective your system is. So my online business ethic is this. I put 25% profits back into advertising, 50% into savings and 25% whatever-I-want-to-do-with-it money. This way I save half my money, I have spending money and I am putting my business infront of more people than the month before (which is my goal every month). When I do this I watch my revenue increase every single month. I also stress the savings aspect as well because you can be making so much money but If you aren't saving it you won't ever really see any of that money.

I utilize these principles and it works and I am sure it can work for you aswell. Another key to life is to just simply take success principles of successful people and implement them within your own lives. You can be successful at anything you want in life and making money online is one of them but you got to be willing to endure the hardships along the way.

- Alexander Day
Learn how to make money online with little or no out-of-pocket cash.

P.S. I am going to also let you know some of the programs I use personally and how they have helped me.

Success University
: An opportunity for you to LEARN & EARN. Get an education in success principles that can create wealth in your life. Create wealth, not just riches, mental, physical and financial wealth. Get access to Success University's Newsletter for FREE!

Direct Matches
: I use DirectMatches to network with other like-minded individuals who are already interested in what I am doing. DirectMatches connects you directly to the kind of people you are looking to introduce your business to. It's literally free leads but even better because you can read their profile and find out more about them personally. Its like getting leads with personal profiles.

Global Domains International: I get my domain name and my hosting in the same place. Yeah you can go to GoDaddy and get a cheap domain name but you won't have the opportunity to build a residual income from referring people to use the same service. I pay $10/mth and I earn $1 a month from each person in my downline and 10% of anything they buy from their back office. I also get up to 10 email addresses. So lets put it this way, my domain and hosting pay for itself and I use some of the profits to put into more advertising.

Viral Url: I use Viral Url to cloak all my affiliate links aswell as track my advertising and affiliate click-thru's. The service is just great and its free but I am a gold member, I get more commission as a Gold or Platinum member and I get sign ups daily. Also every time someone visits your affiliate link you earn advertising credits and you can use those credits to advertise on other members websites.

Pay It Forward For Profits: Utilize this millionaire network marketing system to build any network marketing business out there. These two guys used this system to earn over $10,000 in just days.

Also bookmark my recommended internet marketing products page so that you can be constantly updated on programs that I am making money with aswell as all the services I use.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Internet Marketing Success

Recently on 'Success With Alexander Day' I have added a few articles which are really generating quite a buzz.

There are many secrets to internet marketing, network marketing and affiliate marketing that you should seek to learn before ever spending your money aimlessly online without knowing how it is going to make you any real money. Making money online is easy but you need to utilize effective systems and plans to build your business. People who are successful with internet marketing take the time to understand everything about internet marketing before acting online. Model your internet marketing success from marketers who have done it before you and utilize the same systems they use to be successful and you too will be successful.

With my 'Success With Alexander Day' website I have been speaking a lot about success and a lot about how anyone can become an internet marketing success. You can learn how to market your business online for free and how you can utilize free advertising to build your business. I share with you every secret I personally know about internet marketing and how I have been making money online.

I have been seeing tremendous success with Success University and I teach my team with Success University how to build a thorough business online and how to automate their business by utilizing the power of internet marketing and advertising. I attribute alot of my recent success with internet marketing to the teachings of Success University and I really enjoy sharing the opportunity with the world because I am confident there is no other opportunity out there like it and its all about creating wealth. I am literally sharing wealth with you when I introduce you to Success University because you get access to an opportunity to learn from 300+ entrepreneurs, business owners and network marketing successes and you also have the opportunity to earn from our amazing compensation plan. If you would like more information regarding Success University visit the link above and I will contact you myself after you opt to get the newsletter.

For more information on Internet Marketing Success:

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To Your Success,

- Alexander Day
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Friday, September 19, 2008

My New Website: Lots More FREE Internet Marketing

If you are willing I can show you how you can get access to Success University's Newsletter ($79 value) for FREE! You can also get Napoleon Hill's 'Think And Grow Rich' ($18 value) for FREE! I will also personally call you and tell you what I did to earn massive amounts of money online with Success University and how you can start earning money as early as today for FREE! Click Below!

Create Your Own Wealth!

Check Out My NEW Website!!!!!!

Learn about MORE Internet Marketing Tips & Tools. Get FREE Search Engine Optimization Advice aswell! Even get advice about Success In Life!!!

Alexander Day here, I have just done over my personal website and this is where I have officially moved my Internet Marketing Blog. For those of you who have subscribed to this page can now subscribe to my NEW website where you can locate all the latest Internet Marketing content aswell as Success tips for life.

Success With Alexander Day

Check out a few of the latest articles there.

Visit my new website and subscribe to it so that you can receive updates to my website when ever I post something new and I am constantly updating it. Check it out!!!

- Alexander Day
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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Free Internet Marketing & Advertising Strategies Can BOOST Your Online Sales

If you are willing I can show you how you can get access to Success University's Newsletter ($79 value) for FREE! You can also get Napoleon Hill's 'Think And Grow Rich' ($18 value) for FREE! I will also personally call you and tell you what I did to earn massive amounts of money online with Success University and how you can start earning money as early as today for FREE! Click Below!

Create Your Own Wealth!

Want FREE Internet Marketing Advice?

Interested in learning how to market your business online for little or no out of pocket cash?

Of course you want FREE marketing advice and why wouldnt you want to market your business online with little or no out of pocket cash? Everybody would...

Many people waste alot of money trying to get the right answers to their questions relating to Internet Marketing but the truth is that its not about how much money you spend but more about spending your money in the right places and on the right things. The Internet is all about marketing, marketing your products & services, marketing your affiliates on your website and then also marketing your website to the rest of the world and building traffic and building your lists and your relationships. You dont need to start off by spending alot of money but you need to spend time focusing on your strategy to make an income online. While focusing on your online business strategy you should also remember that you want to build a residual income while marketing products and services here online. You want to earn money from referring people to products that are recurring monthly billing where you get a commission every month.

I want to discuss a business strategy that works very well online...
It breaks down like this...
  1. Find a product of quality that is worth promoting and that is already in demand.

  2. Build a website to channel traffic to and market your affiliates, your products & services.

  3. Build your own opt-in email list on your website and set up an auto-responder to get your back end advertising funnel going..

  4. Through your auto-responder and your own opt-in email list you can make backend sales through advertising your residual income products & services..

With just four steps this strategy is easily achievable but will still take some time to set up but it will pose to be extremely profitable.

I want to share with you some services that will greatly aid in helping you build this online business strategy.
  • Quality products and services that you can promote and earn a residual income..

Success University: Educate yourself on being Successful in life from over 50 of the worlds wealthiest and famous network marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs. Take courses, watch videos, recieve email lessons and listen to audio courses from these successful people. One of the best ways to become successful is to model the success of others and try to do what they have done and more.. You can educate yourself with Success University and build a residual income from referring other students. You can enroll in Success University today and take advantage of all the courses you can get your hands on for free for the next 14 days. Enroll today and take your first step towards Success.

The Internet Marketing Center: Join for free and sell products that range from SEO tools, internet marketing courses, ebay strategies and ebooks on blogging to earn an income among other things. Earn up to a 65% commission on your sales for these products and services. You also earn 20% commission on your downlines sales. The Internet Marketing Center gives you a real opportunity to earn an income online without spending any money of your own.

  • Build a website, channel traffic to it and earn an income through sales of your affiliates and products & services..
If you really are considering building a website or your interested in getting a new domain name or if you cant get the domain name you want elsewhere.. Check out GDI..

Global Domains International: Every Internet Marketer needs a website of their own to market their products from or at least a good host to host their webpage. I use Global Domains International to host my webpage and the greatest thing about GDI is that I also earn a residual income from referring others to GDI. Global Domains International is an Inc 500 company which already has a reputation online to be a great income earning opportunity. They charge a mere $10 a month to host your website with them and you earn $1 a month from every customer you refer and a $1 a month from everyone they refer. This is a powerful tool to build a residual income because anybody looking to earn money online needs a website to work with so that makes it a quality product to promote online. Host your website or start a new website with GDI today and test drive the income earning opportunity of a life time for FREE for 7 FULL days. Global Domains International: Get Your Own Website & Earn An Income For Life..

Who ever said that advertising had to cost money? You can learn how to make great use of free advertising tools.. They all have paid packages which boost your marketing capabilities and your earning capabilities aswell.. Check them out..

Hits2u: Submit your website to our network and have your ads seen by thousands of individuals weekly. I generate so many sign ups from Hits2u and I also generate leads through promoting it and its an extremely simple process which shows the power of duplication when it comes on to Internet Marketing.
EasyHits4u: One of the best traffic exchanges online. You can advertise your websites for free, do link exchanges and article marketing.. Its a great tool to build backlinks to your website and build your link popularity with the search engines. I recommend this to any online marketer. You can also earn money from visiting other membes webpages. 100-200 new members everyday with EasyHits4U.. I am also a paying member of this network because its just that fantastic.
Traffic Swarm: Free text ads.. The system is built in such a way that members earn credits from clicking on others members text ads. This is really powerful because other members are forced to click on your ads and naturally the better your ads the more people click on them. You also get to monitor which ads are doing the best and generating the most traffic daily. Let me also introduce you to two other similar networks..
Free Ad Depot: Totally FREE advertising..You have many advertising choices with free ad depot.. from free text ads, banner ads and exit ads.. You get to advertise on their network for free by earning credits and exchanging them for ads or you can pay and advertise on their network. Trust me this network is awesome and really channels traffic to my websites.
Croc Ads: Free text ads & crazy free traffic to your website.. Created by the same people as free ad depot. Same genius behind this network as the previous network I was telling you about. Just like Traffic Swarm you earn credits from visiting other members websites through their text ads. You can earn so much credits in a short period of time with Croc Ads and you can also get top sponsor ads in other members solo email ads to the network. Croc Ads is just extremely innovative and really drives traffic to all my websites and affiliates.
ShowMyLinks: Join for free and display your ads on every members affiliate page.. Over 18k members.. This is extremely great promotion.. I get hits from ShowMyLinks all the time..
Traffic Era: FREE Traffic Exchange with a very interactive social network. You get to run your own forum and interact with other members while building your own network.. You can build splash pages and earn credits when you get traffic to your website.. You can do this all for free..

Learn how to maximize your free traffic and utilize it to make sales with this free marketing team.. GRIN Marketing Team: Get access to a FREE Daily Internet Marketing Guide.. Learn to build any mlm or affiliate downline for free..

  • Building Your Own Opt-In Email List..
Aweber: One of the best auto-responders that you can find online..
Response Magic: Another great auto-responder which I personally use my self..

List Joe: Utilize the power of 9 list builders and begin building your own list today. I am also about to send out an email today to 2,500 members on list joe's network.. I send out one of those emails every week.. You need to become a member of List Joe..

ListDotCom: I am a Diamond member of List Dot Com and I send out an email to 5,000 members of List Dot Com network every 2 days.. thats 75,000 emails every single month.. This is a great way to send out your offers and advertisements.. Awesome tool to build an income with online.

  • Backend, Backend, Backend... Advertise, Advertise, Advertise..
Build squeeze pages with Traffic Era or Instant Squeeze Page Generator.. and use the auto-responders in conjunction with the squeeze pages to generate leads to your newsletters that are loaded into your auto-responder.. Continue advertising in your newsletters and make backend sales over and over again.. and earn a nice income doing it..

After you have set up your strategy and have all the things in place to build your income through your advertising funnel.. You will need to generate more traffic through networking and organic traffic from search engines and once those pieces are all put together you wont even know what to do with all your money. I am going to share with you a couple more resources that will truly help you with building your own network and getting on top of the search engines.

Firstly.. Social Networking is whats really happening on the Internet right now so why not take advantage of the income building power of social networking? Join this Social Network and build a business profile and start to generate contacts who are interested in business opportunities similar to you. Meeting like minded individuals and getting them to join your team is one of the best ways to build your business online. You being able to teach others how to do what you do to earn money online is one of the most important parts of the game. You are 1 person.. if you can get 5-10 people to do exactly what you are doing online to earn an income could potentially earn you money for the rest of your life. Especially when you teach them to teach others how to do the same and that is the multiplying effect of network marketing.. Waste no more time.. Build your team today..
DirectMatches: Get Your Business Profile Today..

For all those interested in generating organic traffic from the search engines.. and also boosting their current PPC campaign then take advantage of this Search Marketing Lab.. You can have all your websites reviewed and get all the search engine advice you could ever want.. And you can take advantage of this today for less than $3..
Search Marketing Lab: Get ranked on the top of Google and all the other major search engines..

-Alexander Day
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